“Our family has been incredibly encouraged to observe how being part of the IMS community has positively impacted our daughters. Our observations include the following:

  • Independence: Seeing what our 3.5 year old comes home from her primary classroom eager to do on our own has helped push our expectations as parents and increased our respect for her as an individual. She has grown in her ability and desire to choose her own “works” and play independently in our home environment, and often leads friends and her sister through “lessons” similar to lessons she has received at school.
  • Confidence and competence: We’ve especially seen this in our daughter S (now 2), our second Montessori child. From when she started at IMS at 15 months, one of her favorite phrases is “I did it!” When she completes a task independently, from putting on shoes to cleaning up and pushing in her chair after a meal, she raises her arms in the air and proclaims, “I did it!” Her satisfaction in completing tasks on her own, and her confidence to navigate her environment as her own person shine through.
  • Social responsibility: Our daughters have grown in their sense of how to respect others as a result of others. They often use phrases learned at school to navigate social situations outside of school, from respecting each other’s bodies/personal space to using phrases from the peace table to show empathy when someone is feeling upset.
  • Academic preparation: We have seen great academic progress in C (3.5) from the time she began at IMS in the toddler environment. Through the Montessori approach to phonics, she has mastered more than half of her sounds and is beginning to read 3-letter words. This enthusiasm for letters is rooted in a love of books and zest for knowledge inspired by what her teacher shares about the world during group time. She has also made significant progress in number sense, working on addition and counting forwards and backwards. As a former kindergarten teacher, I can clearly observe the ways IMS is preparing her academically to thrive in elementary school and in life.
  • Global citizenship: C’s passion for exploring the world has exploded since entering primary. Her awareness of her place in the world is blossoming, as well as her spatial understanding of the globe. Over the weekend, she spontaneously used paper and pencil to trace and color a map of India, hang it on the wall in her room, and make a plan for all of the countries she wants to map for her “map gallery.” At breakfast every day, she asks questions about countries and continents on the world map we have up in our kitchen, and she eagerly shares with friends and family about the traditions in the country/continent she is studying in her class.”


“Both of my children have attended Issaquah Montessori School. I cannot say enough good things about this school. My boys have learned so much not only academically but also as community members and friends. The teachers and staff truly get to know each student as an individual and then work with that child’s interest and abilities to help them flourish in every area of development. The entire school truly models understanding and empathy making it a wonderful place to bring your children each day. When my two boys talk about who they love (and who loves them) they will both say their teacher from IMS. The boys have always felt supported at IMS and that confidence shows in their behavior and their achievements. Happy, well-adjusted kids are ready to learn and it creates a virtuous circle at IMS. Issaquah Montessori School is a truly wonderful school.”


We chose Issaquah Montessori because we knew that it offered a nurturing environment that aligned with our parenting style. Also we were impressed by the experience and skill of the teachers and the school commitment to educating children as socially responsible individuals, encouraging them to explore learning from their own strengths and interests, with respect, and at their own pace. I saw the joy and pride resulting from these collaborations work wonders for her and strengthen the relationship with her peers. She became more autonomous, more capable, and responsible. In this last year, she also became interested in the cultural differences between her and her classmates, the diversity of our world and the respect for those differences. She learned about other countries, other believe systems and religions, even about nutrition! The guidance she received from IMS offered her tools to think for herself and recognize social responsibility. She has received guidance to resolve conflicts with her pears in a peaceful manner, and with respect. The “Peace Table” at her classroom is something we adopted at home to resolve our won disagreements. I believe because of her time at IMS, my daughter is well prepared for elementary not only academically but socially and emotionally.