Nurturing each child’s unique potential


Issaquah Montessori School provides children a thoughtfully prepared, traditional Montessori environment in which to grow, surrounded by respect, order, and a sense of community. We are committed to observing and guiding each child through the developmental process. 


  • Developing self-directed and intrinsically motivated children 
  • Inspiring a joy and love of learning in a cooperative environment 
  • Allowing the natural curiosity of the child to unfold 
  • Encouraging both empathy and empowerment within the school community 


  • Providing sequential academics in math, reading and writing, which support individual progress 
  • Encouraging self-efficacy 
  • Promoting cultural awareness and diversity 


  • Teaching care for the body by encouraging purposeful movement and outdoor play 
  • Supporting choices that promote physical well-being 


  • Developing social responsibility through empathy toward others and positive, respectful interactions 
  • Teaching peaceful conflict resolution 
  • Fostering each child’s positive contribution